2018 Improfilm Festival Awards

Please vote for your choice for Best Film and Best Actor!

Click on the link below to vote!


2018 Improfilm Festival

The Improfilm Festival celebrates the work of the filmmakers of the City College of New York and the actors of Pace University. Taught by director and professor, Campbell Dalglish, Films Without Scripts (FWOS) unites students to participate in a collaborative, innovative take storytelling through the film medium. The method of channeling the youth’s creativity into improvised yet critical filmsĀ  is a variant of ethnographic research that Professor Dalglish helped pioneer, currently only used in New York and Australia.

The public is welcome to see their work at the fourth annual Improfilm Festival this year, Thursday May 24th.


Tickets – www.fwosnyc.eventbrite.com

Fund the Festival – Improfilm Festival Kickstarter


Facebook – *Coming Soon . . . *

Instagram – @FWOSNYC

Twitter – @FWOSNYC

YouTube – @Films Without Scripts FWOS


2016 Improfilm Festival

Ballooning over the city


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