The Improfilm Festival held annually at the IFP celebrates the work of the filmmakers and actors studying at the City College of New York. Taught by director and professor, Campbell Dalglish, the course titled Films Without Scripts (FWOS) unites students to participate in a collaborative film making method in order to create short films that are compellingly real, heart felt, clever, ironic, and inviting the environment of New York City into the story of the film. Through structured improvisations, filmmakers and actors together discover dramatic moments, distill them into well structured scenes in a story,   rehearse them on location and in studios, then take them back into the location for the final shoot.  There is no improvisation in front of the camera. But, by placing the entire cast and crew in environment,  the location and the weather always get written into the story of the film, making for an unexpected but always rewarding drama, where media arts interacts with real life.

Check back soon for news about the 2019 festival!

Photos from the 2018 Improfilm Festival:

favorite video wall poster (1)


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.39.21 AM-2




Fund the Festival – Improfilm Festival Kickstarter


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